Danielle Monique is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Inspired by the positivity that colour radiates, Danielle has created artwork for family and friends from an early age. Highly skilled, versatile and not a creative to be pigeonholed, Danielle’s work can be found across various mediums. Spending the last few years focusing on her work as a painter, she has successfully exhibited at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne in 2019 and created commissioned art for many private collections. With skills in graphic design as well as a successful photography business, Danielle lives and breathes art.

Danielle strives to create work that encourages the viewer to feel energised, cheerful and inspired. Expressed confidently in saturated colour, she works in an organic style that never takes away from its subject matter as a lover of nature and wildlife. From free-flowing and strikingly modern to detailed and considered, her use of colour and innovative processes can capture the ethereal.

An introvert by nature, her favourite moments are spending time alone creating in the studio. Documenting her work on social media daily, she has created an inclusive community of followers that both inspire her art and bolster her mental health struggles. For Danielle, creating art is a meditative, joyful way to express emotions; it is her conversation with the world and its ongoing support of herself as an artist and a mental health advocate; she has created a following of just under 50,000 collectively on Instagram and TikTok.

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