Do you have a blank wall or tired space at home that you would like to refresh? A custom painting is perfect for bringing a personalised touch to your home and bringing your art dreams to life!

Commission canvas sizes start at 12 x 16 inches (30.48 x 40.64cm) and can go as large as you desire.

I also offer colourful pet portraits on A3 paper as a canvas alternative, perfect for framing. I'm always happy to discuss which option works best for you or if you have another material in mind!

To figure out which size is best for your space, measure the area and put newspaper up on the walls as a reference. Email photos and measurements of the room if you need further support.

You will notice the different colour palettes used in my paintings. I can also demonstrate how colours will look together, via the colour swatches (pictured to the right) or using base colours from previous paintings. All I'll need are screenshots of any previous artworks of mine that you liked or photographs of your home decor for inspiration.

Danielle Monique art is an abstract style with explosions of colour. My creative strengths are abstracts, galaxies and animals. Explore my shop to discover artworks with a variety of sizes and colours.

If you would like to commission a project or design, email me to discuss whether this is an option and we can go from there.

There is a 30% non-refundable deposit before artwork can begin and the final payment must be paid on completion. Orders will not be shipped until the invoice is paid. All shipping costs and delivery times will be discussed prior to the commission process.

Limited commissions are available. Please include a projected date for when the painting must be completed.